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Crystal Ethics; the good the bad and the ugly...

Updated: May 2, 2022

Crystals. They have been used to assist humans for as long as we have walked the earth and are an ancient form of healing. Not only beautiful to look at, but once you know how to harness their healing abilities then they can have a profound impact on your life.

Mother earth provides these amazing healing tools for us. But humans for many years now have abused the earth and the natural resources she provides. Recently there has been a real shift and people are waking up to see the damage which has been inflicted upon the earth, realising that the way we have been living is not sustainable, and wanting to make a change.

As more people gain interest in crystals, combined with a deep need for us to be conscious consumers, we need to question... Where do crystals come from?

This is a really important question for me, as someone who honours and connects to the earth as well as working with crystals. I feel a responsibility to educate myself and make sure I have full awareness so I can guide others in the correct way.

So I have done some extensive research and wanted to share my findings...

I have found that often crystals are rarely the primary product that big miners are looking for, but rather a byproduct found alongside more valuable elements used in appliances such as computers, phones and televisions, as well as the precious stones used in jewellery such as diamonds, ruby, emeralds etc.

So this really is a sticky point for me... as how many people own a mobile phone, have a television in their home and work with a laptop?! Every single person I know.

Are the contents of these appliances ethical?.... And do we ever consider that?!

There is a great article by hibiscus moon here addressing these issues and the difference between mining for crystals and minerals vs mining for precious gems and metals. Which really explains it all so I recommend checking it out here:

Even though the purpose of most mining has very little to do with 'acquiring crystals' (which can in some ways bring comfort) when crystals are obtained this way, I highly doubt the industrial companies are mindful of their impact on the planet and ethics. So I do believe this can impact on a crystals energy.

With this in mind, a lot came up for me. I even asked myself 'Should I be doing this work at all?' (I love debating with myself, challenging my own thoughts, gaining a deeper understanding. Huge growth comes as a result.)

But after spending some time feeling into it I realised that yes, of course I should! I have had such a deep connection to crystals since being a child and I have always worked with them. We are an extension of mother earth and she provides everything we need to aid us in self healing. Whether it’s the use of crystals or something else like plant medicines. These are techniques which as humans we have been using for thousands of years.

However whilst I was exploring this topic, I didn't buy any crystals. I wanted to make sure I was buying them from the right people and with intention.

I have felt crystals before which I know from just holding them and tuning into the energy, that they haven't come from a great source. So I've taken them in, and 'rescued' them. Given them a loving home before passing them onto their next guardian. I've spent time with the crystals, giving them gratitude, cleansing, charging them and making sure I return something back to the earth in some way as an offering and thank you. And I have felt the energy of that crystal change as a result. This is something I do now as common practice. But not every seller will take the time to do this with crystals.

The good news is not all crystals come from this source. There are family run mining businesses who obtain crystals in a more loving way, and who are mindful of their impact on the environment. And as it is outlined in the article above this has little or no direct impact on our planet! HORAH!!!

What is great is there are people in the crystal community who are approaching the topic and really raising awareness. An example of this is at Shes Lost Control. They launched the SLC Sustainable Mining project which is an initiative to support sustainable crystal mining. They have partnered up with Bahia Sustainable Mining Model and working towards changing the mining industry for the better. YAY!

The truth is it is hard to be 100% with the tracking of a crystals origin. But sustainability, ethics, impact on the planet at is such a hot topic at the moment across all industries so it is being challenged and as a result being improved.

And like everything else, it is gradual awareness and supporting those businesses who are trying their best to provide conscious choices. People who are in it for the right reason. Seek out smaller, independent businesses who care, rather than large corporations.

Some of my recommendations for ensuring you are working with, and sourcing crystals in a conscious way….

  • Try to buy crystals in person if you can; that way you can look at them, feel their energy and then you can directly speak to the seller about the crystal.

  • If you are opting to buy crystals online, research the company. If they are a website, do they also have a FB page where you can check out their reviews and recommendations rather than just 'buying'?

  • Avoid buying crystals from places like ebay or – as there are a lot of fakes around and they may not be ethically sourced. I would stay well away from any crystals which are coming from China. 

  • Look into buying second hand crystals, you can find FB groups where you can swap with others.

  • Be a conscious consumer and support businesses who also care about the environment.

  • Always give gratitude when you are working with a crystal, ensure it has a purpose and that you are actively working with it. (Not just collecting them for the sake of it!)

I really hope this little blog post has been of help. If anyone has anything to add, please do get in touch i would love to hear your thoughts!

Crystal blessings, Violet. 💜💜💜💜💜

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