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During a Magdalene Rose Oracle Reading, I create a space where you're not just a seeker, but a cherished soul embarking on a journey of empowerment. It’s about feeling cocooned in safety, a soft space to delve deep into your inner realms, receiving higher guidance that brings support for your life's path.

It’s about nurturing your spirit while offering crystal-clear insights. It’s a sanctuary where you’re held, allowing your inner world to unfold, so you can step forward feeling clearer, surer, and ready to embrace your purpose...

The cards act as your mirror, reflecting the hidden aspects of your journey and bringing you clarity when you most need it. Mary Magdalene's energy swirls in these cards— like whispers from the divine feminine bringing messages of healing, compassion and illuminating the path forward. 

Before our session, you'll select five areas of your life you would like to gain insight:

The Self ~ Home & Domestic Matters ~ Love, Relationships & Friends ~ Well-being ~ Family ~
Lifestyle ~ Career & Work ~ Hopes, Dreams, Wishes & Desires ~ Fears, Worries, Obstacles & Blocks ~ Solutions & Assistance ~ Life Purpose ~ Immediate Future Possibilities ~ Long-Term Future Possibilities.

During our time together on Zoom, we'll open sacred space with a grounding meditation, establishing intentions for the reading. I’ll channel messages for your chosen areas, intertwining practical guidance you can weave into your life. And as we conclude, we’ll close the space together, wrapping our session with grace and gratitude.

1 Hour ~ £66 exchange
30 Mins ~ £40 exchange


Every message is a beacon of light, aligning with the highest good for all. It's not just about answers; it's about empowerment. This reading becomes your guide, paving the way for positive actions in your life.

What you can expect from the Reading...

EXPLOrE the TaPEstRy of TesTImONIaLs BelOW...

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"Wow! Just wow! I have never had such a beautiful, brilliant and pertinent card reading - it was so much more than any reading I’ve experienced before.

Violet imparted great knowledge and insight about Mary Magdalene and Violet runs her practices with such integrity and authenticity. 

From beginning to end I felt beautifully relaxed and Violet was incredibly relatable; put me totally at ease from start to finish. The setting and holding of a safe space was beautiful."

Sam Gunning

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