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This isn’t merely a healing session; whispers of the Magdalene Rose guide you back home — to the beauty, strength, and wholeness that reside within. It's a space free of judgment, where your spirit is tended to. We create a sanctuary, a space cocooned in the energy of unconditional love. Here, you are cradled, supported, and welcome, allowing you to unfurl the petals of your being. 

The essence of intuitive energy healing is a gentle yet potent method, guiding you back to your center. A subtle yet profound recalibration of your energy field, inviting harmony and balance into every aspect of your being.

Crystals will be placed on the body. They carry unique vibrations, serving as catalysts for your personal healing. They amplify intentions, cleanse the energy centres and support movement of energy to, from and through the body. 

Tuning forks and crystal chalice bowls will be used to create a symphony of sound—a sacred melody crafted to awaken the dormant whispers of your spirit. It’s not just sound; it’s a cosmic embrace that resonates with the deepest chambers of your heart. Softening the nervous system into deep relaxation.

1 hour via zoom or in person 
~ £55 exchange


At the heart of a Magdalene Healing session lies the practice of intuitive energy healing, combining the ancient wisdom of crystals, sounds, and the nurturing embrace of unconditional love to support your journey of healing and self-compassion. 


In the session there will be a combination of; Energy healing, Crystals & Sound...

EXPLOrE the TaPEstRy of TesTImONIaLs BelOW...

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"I thought the way you explained each stage in the session was very beautiful and professional. The way you were prepared and presented the session was very warm and inviting. I definitely felt like I was being held in the session where I felt like letting it go, and allow for you to take care of me. That was much much needed. What I liked about the session - your energy overall and your understanding. I think you are now my new regular healer. I felt like I was held in a safe space in a nice cosy home.

The feeling was so so amazing." ~ Online Via Zoom

Kori Kaur

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