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Welcome to my little corner of the internet...

THANK YOU for being here.

As a young girl I was very intuitive and often described as a 'highly sensitive child'. I had a deep connection to the earth, was easily able to pick up on energy and have clear understanding of what was happening with people and situations around me. But as I reached my late teens I turned away from these natural abilities, putting it down to an over active imagination.

I was very close to my Nanna she would often tell me about her beliefs of life after death and the spiritual realms. I loved her dearly and found delving into these conversations with her absolutely fascinating. She would say to me;
"We are each a soul. Our bodies are here to carry us through this current life we have chosen to incarnate into. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience..."

I felt the words she said but I found myself a 'spiritual sceptic'. In order for me to be able to validate it I needed some type of proof! She told me "Right then, well when I pass over to the other side, if what I say is true, I will do everything in my power to prove it to you!"

In my early 20's I was in what should have been a fatal car accident when I feel asleep at the wheel of my car on the motorway. I rolled across the A14 and by the time my car stopped, it was completely crushed.
I was cut out by the fire service and rushed to hospital. Everyone was in disbelief when I was discharged just 3 days with nothing more than a few minor injuries. The emergency services claimed it was a miracle I was alive. 

Once home I struggled sleeping. Every time I closed my eyes I would drift off to the same reoccurring dream: back at the scene of the accident, hovering above my car in the sky above, looking down at my body inside the crushed car. Two beings of pure light would appear either side of me and take me back down. Once they reconnected me to my body I would suddenly wake.

To this day I fully believe that it was Archangels who saved me. This is the story behind my angel wing back tattoo, a reminder to me that my guardians will always have my back.

After the accident I struggled with the concept that I had 'escaped death' but I also felt a deep sense that it wasn't my time to go, however the doctors diagnosed me with PTSD and once again I dismissed my natural connection to the spirit world.

I carried on with life, finding anything to distract me and I found myself using unhealthy coping mechanisms as a way to deal with past trauma, pushing down and suppressing the shadows, ignoring they were there, often finding myself in either in a state of deep depression or anxiety.

My dear Nanna passed on in 2014 and this was a turning point for me. It was a very challenging time for the family, but boy did she keep to her word!!! Through sending me smells, moving physical items, giving me repeating signs, communicating with me and bringing forward other beings of light, she gave me the absolute proof I needed that the spirit realm existed and it completely cracked me right open.

It’s difficult to put into words, but in an instant I felt like my awareness had completely shifted and I was living in a completely different world. Everything I previously thought I knew, was no longer my reality. I felt alone during this experience, I couldn't explain what was happening and this led me to believe I was going through a mental break down. But the universe placed the right people on my path who supported, taught and guided me through it. Now I know it was a process of deep soul remembering, remembering the universal truths which have been hidden from us; that we are infinite beings with unlimited potential, everything is vibration and frequency and we are all interconnected as one. That real magic is everywhere and it's just waiting for us to tap into it.

There it began, I embarked on a journey of self-healing and I finally dove into the depths of my own soul, where all the answers really lied. It brought forward the realisation that I was here to offer support to others who are experiencing similar times in their lives. It’s not always an easy process, it can shake your entire world, but I promise you, if you are going through this, trust in the process as it is just making room for better things to come! 


Violet Skies is a place where I share the tools that have helped me on my journey, my hope that they will help you too. Everything from crystals and sacred geometry to tarot and healing modalities. Be guided through deep practices designed to support you on your own journey of self-healing and spiritual enlightenment. Connect into the intuition, gain self-realisation and a better understanding your own life purpose.

I have trained in many different modalities including Magdalene Rose Healing & Oracle, Seichem Reiki Healing, Angelic healing, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditation, Psychic Development, Tarot Reading and the Gene Keys. 


I also completed a 2 year study programme in Witchcraft with a High Priestess, initiating as Priestess and Sister of the Old ways. As a result of coming back to this path and embarking on this journey, my soul sister Amanda and I created The Temple of the Feminine Flame. Here we co-facilitate Seasonal Ceremonies, Woman's Circles, Retreat Days and Courses, both online and in person.

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